My Journey through Fitness

Throughout my formative years at High School I had a strong passion for both Rugby and Athletics. These sporting pursuits instilled in me key values of commitment, discipline and team work. They provided the perfect outlet for my energies and competitive spirit as well as providing structure and regiment to my lifestyle.

However, in my final year of high school rugby, I found that I was weak and ineffective in contact and genuinely intimidated by larger opponents. I lost confidence in my ability to play and felt that I was too small to deal with the physical demands of the sport.

My lack of confidence was compounded by a season-ending knee injury where I ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my left knee. Accordingly, I looked to weight training to rectify my physical limitations during my rehabilitation post-surgery.

Prior to this resolution, I had experienced very limited success with weight training. Whilst physically active and fit, the gym never really appealed to me. I had acquired the basic fundamentals of lifting as part of my high school's strength and conditioning program but never experience the significant gains in size and strength which my friends did. Inevitably, I had felt discouraged.

However, as I frequented the gym with greater regularity my interest and research into the science behind manipulating and improving my body composition started to grow rapidly. I became consumed with the process and addicted to the positive benefits inherent in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to prevent it, I suffered another ACL injury when I returned to the field of play. Subsequently, I had another reconstruction and all but closed the book on my Rugby career. However, by that stage my passion for training in the gym had intensified tenfold.

The structure, preparation and discipline required to get results in the gym were all facets of the fitness lifestyle which I gravitated towards. Commitment and accountability were key.

The natural transition in becoming a qualified Personal Trainer provided me with the perfect opportunity to share my passion for fitness with others and over the past 6 years I have been determined to help others realise their personal potential.It is my mission as a fitness professional to empower people to initiate positive change in the lives through health and fitness.

To empower someone is to make them stronger, more confident and capable of taking control of their life. For me, to empower someone is to educate them and provide them with the necessary tools required to become independent and capable of making informed decisions regarding their own health and fitness.

On a daily basis I seek to educate individuals on healthy, evidence-based training methods and diet protocols which promote flexibility, accountability and sustainability. It is my firm belief that fitness should not be reserved for the genetic elite or for those who make it their profession.

Fitness is for everyone. In the words of Bill Bowerman; “If you have a body. You are an athlete.” Fitness should be one of many facets in your life, not the all-consuming focus. Consequently, if I can seamlessly integrate health and fitness into your life so that it is a positive influence rather than debilitating burden then I have done my job.